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Jeremy Hutchinson Legal Defense Fund


Jeremy is not guilty of the allegations leveled against him and needs your help to ensure a proper defense.


“I have full faith in my son’s innocence of the allegations set out in the government’s indictment and am confident that when the facts are fairly presented he will be exonerated. I am grateful for the many friends who believe in Jeremy and have asked how they can help defend him.” 

- Former U.S. Senator Tim Hutchinson


“We rely on the right to a jury trial to provide balance and fairness to complex prosecutions, but in truth, the vast majority of those charged (95+%) plead guilty and never get a trial at all. Many of those plead guilty simply because they lack the financial resources to bear the real cost of a modern criminal defense in a complex matter. I have agreed to serve as Chairman of this legal defense fund to receive contributions from those who want to ensure that Jeremy Hutchinson has the resources to mount an adequate defense.” 

- Bud Cummins, former U.S. Attorney and Chairman of the Jeremy Hutchinson Legal Defense Fund


“For over five years Mr. Hutchinson cooperated fully with the government in this investigation. In light of that history, we find it disappointing for him to be forced to face these false allegations. We look forward to vigorously disputing these allegations soon before a jury.”

- Tim Dudley, Attorney for Jeremy Hutchinson


“It is remarkable that Jeremy Hutchinson finds himself defending against these charges. The government has irreparably impaired Mr. Hutchinson’s ability to defend himself by searching his computer without a warrant and then inexplicably destroying an image of his hard drive which possessed key exculpatory evidence.”

- Stephen Larson, Former U.S. District Judge and Attorney for Jeremy Hutchinson

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